Discover the world through the power of communities.

Nomad Calendar will tell you whom to meet, where to go, and what to do - all based on your upcoming travel dates and interests.

Start a community

Coordinate travel dates, create private events, and use dedicated chat rooms to spark meaningful connections. Coming soon to all colivings, hotels, resorts, and camps - from Bali to Black Rock City.

Never miss out on the fun

Discover events based on your travel itinerary. See which friends are attending, or create your own private gatherings.

Are you nomadic?

Get notified about friends in town and happennings during your dates there. Can't decide where to go next? Nomad Calendar will suggest destinations based on where your friends and communities are going to be.

Are you a regular at conferences and events around the world?

Keep up with business (and social) connections in dedicated event Hubs, or create your own. Declutter your messengers with dedicated Hub and Event Chats on Nomad.

Do you still store your travel plans in a spreadsheet?

Connect your calendar to automatically populate your upcoming destinations. Create and discover Events and share them with friends and Hubs. Stay on top of event changes, updates, and announcements with push notifications.

Are you struggling to coordinate travel with your closest friends?

Add users from multiple groups to your “Close Friends” list and effortlessly see where they are and where they are going next.

Make your travel more pleasant than ever with Nomad Calendar

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